About us

Active East Herts is a Community Sport Network that was re-established as of September 2017. The aim to increase sport and physical activity in East Hertfordshire remains the same. However, Active East Herts now work closely with East Herts Council to ensure District priorities are achieved as detailed further below. 

What is a Community Sports Network?

A Community Sports Network (CSN) is a network of local deliverers from a range of organisations and agencies, all with a contribution to make in the delivery of sport and physical activity. CSNs bring together numerous organisations and sectors including sports clubs, health services, facility providers, schools and colleges, the police and local councils. The focus for CSNs is to identify local need and work together to attract funding to support the development of sports clubs, coaches and volunteers, promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and encourage greater participation in sporting opportunities. The networks also act as the local voice for sport and physical activity in their communities. 

Priority areas

Active East Herts have the following five key priority area’s in line with East Herts Councils Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2023.

At least one in four Hertfordshire residents will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. Mosaic data suggests that up to 14% households are very likely to live with depression, 21% from stress and 9% on an ongoing regular basis.

Physical activity is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Whilst there have been improvements in adult activity and exercise, particularly in the past 5 years, there are still around 20.5% of the East Herts populations that classify themselves as inactive.

In East Hertfordshire, almost two thirds of adults are classed as obese. Whilst excess weight in children (reception) is 18.4% and excess weight in children (Year 6) is 23.9%. Therefore there is an ongoing priority to reduce the number of residents classified as obese.

Health challenges or bereavement can lead to or exacerbate social isolation. Equally for many younger people, challenges include unemployment, loneliness, not having someone to rely on and a lack of sense of belonging to their neighbourhood. Recent research notes that: “Feelings of loneliness are most strongly associated with poor mental health, but are also associated with long-term problems of stress, anxiety and depression. The risk associated with social isolation and loneliness is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality (e.g. physical activity, obesity, substance abuse)

Dementia is an ongoing problem with the number of cases reported increasing year on year over the last 3 years with 4,402 identified cases across the North & East Herts Partnership trust. Hertfordshire figures show that 4.4% of those people registered with a GP practice over 65 years old have dementia. In Hertfordshire Social Care’s East and North Herts area, which includes the East Herts district, there are over 580, 000 people and 60 GP practices.


East Hertfordshire Facts

1 %
experience mental health
1 %
are classed as inactive
1 %
Year 6 children are obese

Active East Herts Services

Gather insight & data

Throughout the year we work with a number of different organisations in order to gather local insight, highlighting gaps in provision.

Increase sports provision

As the CSN, we work with a variety of sporting organisations and Clubs to aid in Sports development across the District.

Improve health & wellbeing

We deliver a number of initiatives to improve health and wellbeing. See our what's on page for more information.

Sports club support

A number of mechanisms are in place to support local Sports Clubs, from coaching bursarys to Club Forums and much more.

Sporting events

Active East Herts run a number of sporting event across the year in partnership with NGB's. Click here to see our calendar.

Project management

Through our parent company, Active East Herts are able to offer exceptional project management services.