Active East Herts Projects



The overall aim of the project is to help local older adults living in the deprived ward of Bishops Stortford to maintain an active, independent life whilst also addressing the issue of loneliness that exists across the estate. Ensuring older residents that were on the cusp of requiring more adult social care support to remain independent or those who are lonely/isolated. By targeting one of East Herts poorest neighbourhoods we hope to bring local older people together and build strong relationships in and across the Havers Estate, enabling them to get out of their homes and enjoy life.


The project runs weekly activities for residents living in the village of Birch Green to bring together the community and offer something where residents of the village and nearby areas can be galvanised by a range of activities that will motivate them to come out of their homes and participate with others to create social networks and reduce rural isolation. Sessions include; 

• Photography Walks Community Gardening Club
• Led ‘off road’ social bike rides accessing Panshanger Country Park and the Cole Green Way.
• Walking Football
• Health Walks
• Bicycle maintenance classes to educate residents on basic bike maintenance to encourage them to cycle and enjoy the local parks and countryside, outside the project.


Active East Herts aims to develop a community based Boxing session for teenagers living in Hertford, primarily targeting those on Sele Farm. The session will be delivered by a Boxing instructor every week, the first hour will involve Boxing drills and physical activity, followed by a second hour (or 45minutes) of healthy eating and drugs awareness. Looking at the 5 Priority areas, a public focus will be at the forefront as the project will be a local initiative delivered by Active East Herts. The project will be building on current success, using the BoxCleva model that has been proven successful in other Districts to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime.


Satellite clubs can help bridge the gap between school, college and community sport – and provide new opportunities for young people to get active. Active East Herts established skateboarding sessions in Ware for both under 10’s and over 10’s. Individuals can now use the skatepark without feeling intimidated by more experienced riders.


Forever Active East Herts is a community programme providing fun, exercise classes for the over 50s. There are a range of activities on offer in venues near you – so come and try one of the classes and find one to suit you. The project is part-funded by Sport England’s Community Sport Activation Fund, which is a Lottery funding programme aimed at providing a wide range of local-level multi-sport activities for local communities. Further funding has also come from East Herts Council and East and North Herts CCG, with our partners also all offering in-kind support for the programme. Forever Active East Herts hosted a Dance Festival on Monday 19th November 2018 at Rhodes Arts Complex in Bishop’s Stortford. The event was tailored for over 50’s to try something new, dances include Zumba Gold, Ballet, Love to Dance, Ballroom, SOSA, Bollywood dancing, Line dancing, Flamenco, ParaDance, Tango and HYOPA dance routine. To watch an overview of the day, click here: