School Development day



What is a School Development Day?

School Development Days consist of skills sessions throughout the morning, followed by some competitive elements in the afternoon session. Every School Development Day is run in a way that allows the staff to relax as the coaches, instructors, young leaders and Sports Development Team take care of everything.


Who are they offered to?

We offer these days to a mixture of years including both Primary and Secondary Schools.  Each day can take up to 120 pupils depending on the sport. There is an option to combine two or more schools together for these days to prepare for School competitions. 


What sports are offered?

We currently offer Development Days in the following sports;

  • Hockey (Quicksticks)
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Cricket
  • Cheerleading

If there is a particular sport your school would like to participate in that isn’t listed above, please get in contact.


Exit route?

We use additional coaches from local clubs where possible to provide exit routes for the children. This ensures if the participants have enjoyed the day and want to participate more often they have an option to do so.


If your School is interested in our Development Days please contact our team.